5 elements of self direction

5 elements of self direction2

Our mission is to work with people to grasp the opportunity of self-direction. We do this by creating products, services and partnerships that make self-direction attractive and entirely possible to sustain into the longer term.

We believe there are 5 elements that make a self-directed approach sustainable:

Beyond ‘self’ – Building my tribe

We need others who hold our life vision and support us achieve it into the longer term. If we are only relying on services and governments then we are more vulnerable. InCharge works with people to build strong networks and to fully participate in their community.

Living my potential

Self-direction is a means to an end. InCharge works with people to think about their life and what they want for themselves.

Unleashing possibility

At the beginning of great reforms like the National Disability Insurance Scheme we need tangible examples of possibility beyond our present experience. InCharge inspires and resources people to create their own innovative solutions and approaches.

My Mindset

As we step into our power as partners and creators of our own solutions what new skills and knowledge are needed?  InCharge builds people’s skills and knowledge through tools, resources and partnerships.

Finding allies

Self-direction is highly sustainable when we are connected to others who can be alongside us in very practical ways.  InCharge helps people to develop their allies and partners.