About Libby Ellis

What is possible is only limited by our imaginations

Photo of Libby Ellis

Photo of Libby Ellis

Hi, I’m Libby Ellis. I’m the Founder of InCharge.

My vision is to bring a personalised, heart understanding of what it takes to be in charge.


I have walked many steps with my brother, Matthew, and for 20 years have also assisted others take front and centre stage in their own lives.

There is a moment now in Australia when people’s long held desires are merging with supportive changes in policy and funding.

What I bring are the experiences, lessons, successes and failures in self-direction of an extended period of time. I understand what makes self-direction an exciting and rewarding endeavour, able to be sustained over time and over generations.

About my journey

My family’s early experiences were a chrysallis of a drive for positive social change.

My brother left our family home when he was 9 and lived in a series of group homes and hostels until his mid twenties. There were no other options presented to my parents. This segregation and exclusion was a devastating experience for him and for my family. We knew we could either rail against the system or we could do something that effected change.  16 years ago we assisted him move from a group home into his own home.  He lives with people of his choosing who don’t have disabilities. He has started his own small business and is a contributor to his community, not just a receiver. This is an incredible achievement for someone who doesn’t speak and has significant disabilities.

libby-math-wWe did this without a policy context of self-direction or any funding. We learned from many inspiring leaders about what it takes to develop a support arrangement where my brother had maximum authority to define his needs and direct the use of resources towards meeting them.


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My working life has also been about assisting others take front and centre stage in their own lives. For 20 years I have worked for advocacy organisations, and services providing individualised services. This has provided me with multiple perspectives on what is needed for genuine transformation.


“While Libby extends her imagination on behalf of each person, she is realistic and practical in the solutions she suggests. She is careful to seek openings in which the person can feel at ease and build confidence, and in which they will be able to experience successes”. Dan’s mum