Grasp the opportunity for change

Things are changing for people with disability

We are currently in a period of great opportunity for people with disabilities and their families and allies. The National Disability Insurance Scheme heralds not only significant change in financial investment in people with disabilities, but also enormous opportunity for how people get the support they need.

For a great many years people receiving services have, by-and-large, been offered fixed models of care and support. This means that services are largely created before people arrive on the scene. This resulted is a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Such a system is not able to provide what a person needs to maximise the potential of their life. Maximising a person’s potential is predicated on a personalised system, where support can be designed with people, ‘one person at a time’.

What this means for people with disability

Creating personalised solutions means people with disability will move from being passive recipients of ‘one size fits all’ care to ‘partners’, ‘creators’ and ‘drivers’ of solutions. To grasp this opportunity they will need to become engaged in the design and delivery of their own support arrangements, and become equipped to choose and direct the services they receive. This approach – called a self-directed approach – requires a radical change in mindset, role and responsibilities.

InCharge works with people to grasp this opportunity

InCharge works with people to grasp the opportunity of self-direction. We do this by creating products, services and partnerships that make self-direction attractive, exciting and entirely possible for people to sustain into the longer term.

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