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Are you looking for NDIS support coordination?

We’re sorry but we have closed our Support Coordination business.

It can be tricky finding a support co-ordinator and we recommend making sure your support coordinator is separate to your main service provider or providers. Having someone independent means they aren’t necessarily facing a conflict in recommending other supports and services, or helping you leave a provider.

Here’s a downloadable list of services and individuals we know and recommend. We can’t vouch for their capacity to accept new participants at the time you contact them, and you should still do your own inquiries to make sure they are the right fit for you!

Check out our Resources page for some articles on Support Coordination.

Is your support coordination budget miraculously self managed?

This is excellent news for you!

It means that you can use that budget for support coordination style tasks and supports from an unregistered or a registered provider.

You can also break your budget up, so that you might have one or two people helping you with different things according to their skills and expertise.

Are you interested in our Micro-Enterprise Project in Western Sydney?

A micro enterprise is a very small business that is simple to start, with minimal capital needed.

They can provide people with a great solution to employment barriers faced by people with disability.

They can have a vital purpose in improving people’s quality of life. They give people a role in their local community providing a service or goods. They are highly individual – able to happen at a scale, stamina and schedule that suits a person. They are about offering a product or service in a local community, based on interests and skills

Find out more about this project here.