Micro Enterprise Project

Image of 5 people sitting and working together

Image of 5 people sitting and working together

We’re looking for participants in Sydney – click on links at bottom of this page!

What is a micro enterprise?

A micro enterprise is a very small business that is simple to start, with minimal capital needed. They can have a vital purpose in improving people’s quality of life. They give people a role in their local community providing a service or goods. They are highly individual – able to happen at a scale, stamina and schedule that suits a person. They are about offering a product or service in a local community, based on interests and skills.

Want to see some in practice?

Check out CLP’s video to show the kinds of things we support people to achieve!

or how about Emma Lynam in Queensland and her business Master Shredder

There’s Adam Schwartz in Sydney, who runs a delivery business and makes cards

Cameron Whitelaw in Western Australia 

Jackson West in Canberra

Isaac Peel getting started delivering in Canberra

What do we do?

We are thrilled to partner with Community Living Project, South Australia (CLP), to bring this project to NSW. It fits snuggly warm with our mission to model possibility and to offer new, genuinely innovative offerings under the NDIS. CLP have been running MEP in Adelaide for 4 years with fantastic outcomes and a successful methodology.

Our Micro Enterprise Project Sydney (MEP)  supports people with significant disabilities to pursue their goals for social and economic participation by inspiring and assisting them to establish their own micro or small enterprise. The project acts as a significant alternative to day programs.

MEP takes people through a 4 Stage process to establish their own enterprise from Discovery to Operation.

We’re looking for participants in Sydney!

If you:

  • Are excited about the chance to make use of your skills, passions and interests
  • Want more opportunities for a varied and interesting week
  • Want to offer something in your community
  • Feel frustrated with activities and programs that seem to be on offer
  • Are eligible for funding from the NDIS or the State government (We can also help you with this)

Then fill out our Expression Of Interest today or email us directly to learn more and we’ll be in touch!