Micro Enterprise Project

Image of 5 people sitting and working together

Image of 5 people sitting and working together

What is a micro enterprise?

A micro enterprise is a very small business that is simple to start, with minimal capital needed. They can have a vital purpose in improving people’s quality of life. They give people a role in their local community providing a service or goods. They are highly individual – able to happen at a scale, stamina and schedule that suits a person. They are about offering a product or service in a local community, based on interests and skills.

Want to see some in practice?

Check out CLP’s video to show the kinds of things we support people to achieve!

or how about Emma Lynam in Queensland and her business Master Shredder

There’s Adam Schwartz in Sydney, who runs a delivery business and makes cards

Cameron Whitelaw in Western Australia 

Jackson West in Canberra

Isaac Peel getting started delivering in Canberra

What do we do?

If you live in Western Sydney, or the lower Blue Mountains, we work with a peer group called Minding Our Business.

It fits snuggly warm with our mission to model possibility and to offer new, genuinely innovative offerings under the NDIS.

The group is free to join.  It is for people who have started, or are curious about, the idea of a very small business.

You can join whether you have an NDIS Plan or not.

The group meets fortnightly on a Friday in Penrith at WOTSO Coworking space. The venue is accessible and close to Penrith station.

Some of the things that group has helped each other with:

  • learning how to develop your idea into a business
  • access to office space and equipment like computers, printers and software to develop your business
  • business mentoring
  • finding spaces to develop your product such as a commercial kitchen
  • organising group markets

Check out a recent presentation the group did to local Rotary chapter to find out more.

Interested to learn more? Send us an email.

Do you live outside of Sydney?

We are thrilled to partner with Vanguard Business Services in Dubbo who are running a similar project in western NSW.

We’d be happy to talk to you about how we can support you, wherever you live.

Get in touch with Mark at Vanguard.