Turning passions into valued roles

Everyone has a contribution to make. A workshop which introduces participants to skills and ideas needed to develop and sustain roles for people in their community. It takes participants through a process of discovering interests, passions and capabilities, turning these into a role for a person and working at sustaining such efforts. How can we assist people to cultivate their unique gifts and contributions?

The 3 biggest things

A half day or full day workshop about the 3 key practices that can really make a difference to the life of a person with significant disability.

Having a vision, Claiming your authority and Building Relationships.

Unlocking your best life: Looking for solutions in the place where you live

You have what it takes. People with disabilities have existing strengths and resources that can be exploited to create innovative and life-changing possibilities.

A full day workshop, we’ll show you how to:

1. Build a support network

2. Activate your local community

3. Create new opportunities

4. Claim your authority

Nurturing Your Tribe

The Nurturing Your Tribe workshop provides a wonderful opportunity for people with disabilities, their families and supporters to build a collective vision, strengthen ties and plan the year ahead. Imagine exchanging ideas amongst teams, hearing from leaders in the field, reflecting and developing your next action steps!

Siblings: For Each other, For Ourselves

Brothers and sisters are likely to have the longest relationship with a person with disability. Usually continuing after parents have died, it can last for 70 years or more. Some of the most important issues consistently identified by brothers and sisters are

  1. A desire to be involved in their sibling’s life but often feeling ill- prepared or uncertain about their ability to do this
  2. Feeling concerned about their own lives, and the dreams and goals they have for themselves
  3. Difficulty sometimes discussing these topics in their family

This workshop focuses on the unique perspective of brothers and sisters, and addresses these 3 key issues with practical tools and strategies. It is facilitated by siblings.

Create Don’t Wait

In this presentation Libby offers her experiences of attempting to create a place for Matthew, her loved brother. Matthew has lived in his own home for 16 years. Of significance is that they began this journey without funding. Matthew has always shared his home with people who don’t have disabilities. He has started his own small business. He has had a circle of support for 17 years. This is a significant achievement for somebody labelled ‘profoundly intellectually disabled and autistic’. An inspiring presentation for service workers and families interested in how people make change, the idea of ‘home’ and how to support genuine service partnerships with families.

What are Self-Directed Supports

Springing out of many leaders experiences, this is a day that looks at different ways people can self direct their supports. What innovative and enabling structures and partnerships might support people’s efforts at self-direction?

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