How to create a team that can manage themselves and be accountable

a team brainstorms with a person with disability

Lyne Mear is a consultant in Human Resources, Industrial Relations and Employees Relations. Her focus is creating work places that are self-generating, solution oriented and enjoyable. One of the … [Read more...]

A sides and B sides: the grooves of ethical partnership

Image of a record and the needle of a record player

What are the elements that make for good ethical partnerships between families and services? We haven’t been partners Families have been very used to a system in which professionals and service … [Read more...]

There is no “I” in team: Lessons in creating your own dream team

Photo of Carolyn Campbell McLean

Carolyn Campbell-McLean is  Senior Facilitator with My Choice Matters, NSW. For 13 years she has used the Attendant Care Program and has self-managed her support for 6 years. This involves managing a … [Read more...]

Cultivating successful roles

Brightly coloured flowers

Lucy and her family have been very thoughtful in creating a role at her local florist. In this article we share the very practical steps they took.   Download the word version of … [Read more...]