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a lit match ignites a row of other matches

A lit match ignites a row of other matches

Why are you charging for webinars?

We have a vision to amplify the voices of the real experts in self-directed support. That is, those individuals with disability and family members who are genuine innovators and have real life experience to share. We’re also direct stakeholders in the community and want to promote solutions that people have discovered work on a practical level.

Plus, we find individuals with disability and family members are often expected to give their valuable time and expertise for free as ‘the consumer case study’.

We don’t support the consumer case study model and wish to lead the charge in terms of making the change away from it.

Guest speakers are professional people who are drawing on their resources and knowledge to educate and share it. We think of it like a lesson at a community college but with really cool people who relate on a real level to your experience.

Our webinars are made possible by software that enables everyone to access it from the comfort of their own home or workplace. This software  will also enable those with hearing impairment to access the information live, rather than in post-production.

We understand and have experienced the frustration at the system, prejudice, confusion and lack of support. So have our guest speakers. That’s why we want to provide tangible supports and foster information sharing that helps people develop the structures they need for genuine control and autonomy.

As we work towards giving people the skills and supports they need to direct  their own lives, we want to do the same for InCharge. This begins by making some of the services we offer pay for themselves. Our focus is autonomy, empowerment, self determination, and positive, solution orientated thinking.  For our community and for InCharge.

We think the value of this kind of information is far cheaper than alternatives of self research, missing out through lack of knowledge, and more expensive ways of finding things out.

In addition, we want autonomy for our programs, and for them to be sustainable and not subject to the whims of government or those that might not really care as deeply as we all do about community benefit or impact. Instead we have chosen to reach out to the community to support the efforts of its members in finding sustainable ways to promote their experience and the solutions that work.

So by paying for a seminar, you don’t just get what information you need, you ensure the program is there for someone else to take advantage of in the future.

 We hope you choose to join our vision!

So do you get any funding?

InCharge or its partners in the Hunter NSW, like Mind the Gap: Disability Matters, are not currently funded by government or currently receiving philanthropic funding for its information programs.

We are creating a social enterprise model. This means that we re-invest income generated by our commercial activities back into developing the programs and supporting other innovations in the Australian disability community.

We do provide services for free. This includes our ever growing library of written and visual information available via our website and through email and social media. We also offer an amount of  workshops and individual consultation services.

OK sure, but I still have difficulty paying

We have places reserved for people in genuine need. If that is the case, please get in contact with us. We will ask you to either pay what you can, or request a waiver. We promise not to make you jump through hoops or answer any invasive questions. We’ll just trust that if you contact us, you really are facing genuine hardship. 


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