Our Allies


Our allies

Photo of our allies

It’s our people who are part of the heart and soul of the Ally Project.

An ally is someone who stands by and with another person. They bring together resources for the benefit of that person – you!

Our allies come from many and varied backgrounds but share some common experiences that make for a unique perspective. Our team has lived experience and have wisdom to share in order to successfully achieve a goal. They know the challenges you face based on practical experience and application, so you’ll never receive unrealistic or only theory based suggestions.

Meet our Allies:

Matt Dimmock

Matt Dimmock photo

Photo of Matt Dimmock

Matt is a listener, a questioner and a strategic thinker. He gets a kick out of empowering people to distil, grow and action their own creative ideas in pursuit of the good life. He brings to the table years of personal and professional experience in the disability space. What he looks forward to the most is witnessing possibilities multiply on people’s radars and walking alongside in a supportive way to turn possibilities into reality.

Matt has children and a sister with intellectual disability. He has worked alongside people self managing their post-school funding; as a Citizen Advocacy Coordinator; and also worked with the NSW Government department, ADHC.

  Judith Ellis

Judith Ellis

Photo of Judith Ellis

Judith has had years of experience in supporting families and people with disability to plan for a desirable future and to develop practical, effective ways to take control over the “who”, “how” “when” and “where” of support arrangements.  Judith works with a circle to assist her son, Matthew, to enjoy a valued life within his local community with the level of support that he needs on an ongoing basis. 

Judith is known across Australia for her work with families of people with developmental disability, for influencing the direction of policy, and for her organisational change credentials. She was the director of a state wide advocacy agency for over 11 years and has worked in independent advocacy for most of her working life. 

 Donna Rhall

Donna Rhall

Photo of Donna Rhall

Donna Rhall has supported people with disabilities and their families for over 30 years in a variety of roles.  She has empowered people through individual advocacy to have their fundamental needs attended to and facilitated long term friendships between people with disabilities and other community members in her role as a Citizen Advocacy Coordinator.  She has explored and contributed to intentional community models of support and has championed the notion that people with disabilities have a place and role in our society through her involvement in the International Federation of L’Arche communities.  As a long term advocate for choice and self-determination, she has assisted families and people with disabilities across NSW to access individualised funding packages and to develop meaningful plans and strategies that enable a good life.  She is currently extending her studies and working as a mentor, analyst and planner with individual families in Sydney.

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