Feeling NDIS ready

An image describing the basics of how InCharge can help you with the NDIS

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Do you have a niggling feeling there must be more to life than seems to be on offer? Does it stay despite your worries about the NDIS?

Then we’re a perfect match!

Turn ideas into goals

We provide independent advice prior to your planning meeting.

We can meet you in person or in a small group.

We will help you create your own comprehensive document which has been tested in planning meetings with good results. It reflects you, it is not a ‘copy and paste’ document, and drills down into reasonable and necessary supports that will really make a difference.

Our personalised process helps answer these common questions

  • How do I get from all my ideas to a goal?
  • What even is an NDIS goal?
  • How can I keep the really important stuff that I have now?
  • Can I really make some changes and what would they be?
  • How does the money work and what is the best option for me?
  • What happens once I get a plan?

People who have used our services say they

  • Finally understand how the NDIS can benefit them
  • Can ‘smell and feel’ the new opportunities for real choice and control
  • Feel calmer and more confident going in to their planning meeting
  • End up with NDIS plans that reflect their goals and needs

You may shake a little but your voice is strong in your NDIS planning meeting

Your document helps you to speak to and remember what is important.

We also provide you with a checklist you can take into your meeting.

If the NDIS planner hasn’t mentioned something, or you think you might forget, you can use your checklist.

Sometimes we can also attend meetings with you.

Are there costs involved?

We’ve been working for a number of years helping people gain and manage individualised funding. Our goal is to have more people able to self direct their supports, so we want to be as accessible and affordable as possible.

Under the NDIS, once you have a plan in place you can use us.

Before your plan, there is currently no separate funding you can apply for to access this specialised support. So we work with people on a case by case basis and have got some options up our sleeves to ensure you get the most from your investment with us!

There’s no charge for a first conversation or meeting.

Contact us to find out how we can fit into your NDIS plan.