NDIS services

An image describing the basics of how InCharge can help you with the NDIS

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Do you have a niggling feeling there must be more to life than seems to be on offer? Does it stay despite your worries about the NDIS?

Then we’re a perfect match!

We understand the challenges that come from major milestones such as receiving funding for the first time.

You can call on us at any stage of the NDIS process.

We are a Registered NDIS Provider for Assistance Life Stage Transition and Innovative Community Participation (with more to come!)

We don’t work for any particular service provider, we’re independent!

This is really important and very exciting because it means we just work for you and are able to direct our help to where you need it the most.

It also means we can help you to learn to do more yourself, find and hire the support workers you really want, and experience the real potential and spirit of the NDIS!

And we’re connected with a network of independent organisations so you can manage your funding more easily, broaden your network and share the learning.

“I recommend InCharge to anyone who needs to understand what the NDIS can do to help improve their life. Anyone who wants to change and take charge instead of settling with the status quo and feeling disillusioned with the process and  narrow choices that were offered. They have made it possible for me and my family to hope. For us to hope in things that we thought we could no longer hope for.”  Sariah’s mum.

Click here if you are an individual with disability or family member

Click here if you are a service, a carer or support group